Our Father is a very personal and intimate Father and He is concerned about everything that concerns us.  I learned that I could not relate to my heavenly Father as I related to my earthly Father. I learned that God is a right now God that can handle issues we consider unpretty, unacceptable or rather x-rated.

Releasing The Pain

ISBN-13: 978-0595493999

Michelle's God given burden is to bring hope to those who are hopeless. In essence, Michelle is the Lord's "chain breaker" to lost souls. She uses her God given gift to tear down strongholds and break the chains of spiritual bondage off the lives of those that the world has labeled "unworthy" and "unsalvageable".


Random Thoughts From the Heart

ISBN-13: 978-1618631909

This collection encompasses conversations with God on heartfelt issues that I could not take to anyone else. During these conversations with God, He softened my hardened heart. At that moment I allowed my heart to be malleable in His hands. My heart was no longer stone but flesh. In that moment, I came out of the desert because the water had broken..

When I allowed the Father ingress to my heart that's when the healing began, that's when I learned to surrender myself to Him, that's when I understood intimacy and the need to be honest with him. I can only be close to Him if I am honest with Him

Michelle shares a secret...
That one dares to expose - not only is she unafraid to reveal her painful dark past, she trusts the Lords guidance. Yet another spiraling moment, what she holds dear to her is challenged.
She vows to protect her family with the strength she has within with the help of The Lord.
Ms. Poitier sends us on a journey of Love Hope and Freedom!

Ellen, Newport News, VA


The level of transparency shared in this book was powerful and actually caught me off guard.

Admittedly, I found myself drawn into her written thoughts on a personal level by the unfiltered honesty and deep feelings of a GENUINE person wrestling with fear, pain sadness AND faith, while never losing the latter..... Inspiring read!

John, Jacksonville, FL



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