What We Offer
    •     Healing Women Healing Nations NE Florida Inc.  provides individual coaching, helping you to "Redefine Your Life-Path" through an 8-week standard or a 16-week intensive program, along with a virtual "Unmasking the Hurt" 3-phase virtual program.

 •    Healing Women Healing Nations NE Florida Inc.  Provides annual empowerment events (Learning 2 Love Me ~ March / Mental Health Awareness ~ May), workshops, and monthly support groups (Empowered 2 Thrive). 

Our Services:

You Have the Power to Redefine Your Life!

8 Week Standard Program - Redefine Your Life-Path
Many individuals that have encountered trauma, abuse, or mental illness feel they have become their diagnosis. We assist with creating new paths to living a fulfilled life beyond the diagnosis.

16 Week Intensive Program - Redefine Your Life-Path
A redefined life-path is just that...a path for what you would like to do to reshape your life. Our 16- week program is more hands-on, assisting and guiding individuals on the path to a fulfilled life.


Unmasking the Hurt
Here is the place and now is the time. Let's address and tear down the barriers hindering us from living fully...bogged down by hurts from the past. Our 3~Phase Program does just that... identifies, addresses and provides solutions that allow healing. Join us and begin your journey to breaking the cycle of despondency, loneliness and the sentence of silence.  
Contact us at hwhnfl@gmail.com for details and/or to register.

  1. Phase One ~ Unhide the Hurt   

  2.  Phase Two ~ Harness the Hurt

  3.  Phase Three ~ Heal the Hurt 

**Upon completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion**

Empowerment Events
We provide a safe environment allowing people to renew and evolve in ways they have not imagined.   An empowering and inspiring opportunity to hear from individuals that have endured and overcome. If you are looking to grow personally, professionally, and even spiritually, these events are tailored to meet women' s unique needs!

Support Groups
We provide an environment conducive to allowing people to be transparent about their challenges and struggles. Support groups are a place where you can discuss day-to-day problems with other people who have been through trauma. Support groups have not been shown to reduce PTSD symptoms, but they can help you feel better in other ways. Because they can give you a sense of connection to other people, a peer support group could be a great addition to your treatment. Support groups can also help family members or friends who are care-givers. 


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