"2nd Annual Learning 2 Love Me 2019"


I, as a woman, have experienced so much trauma in my life. All I have ever done was suppress it or on the opposite end tried to be strong through it. As women, quote on quote "Being Strong" is our go to when we have experienced traumatic situations in our lives. That saying, "BEING STRONG" can be overrated and in turn, make us suppress feelings and emotions that need and have to be dealt with in order for us to move forward in a positive way in our lives. I am finally able to be a better version of me, now do to Michelle Poitier and The Healing Women Healing Nations of NE Florida. Healing Women Healing Nations gave me the love, strength, and support without the shame and judgment that we often encounter with so-called friends and family. I am grateful that I was able to connect with such an incredible woman, Michelle Poitier and as equally grateful that God gave her the vision to start Healing Women Healing Nations of NE Florida.    

~ E Jae Mocion, Orlando. FL ~ 


Good morning. Thank you so much for your ministry. I was really glad we finally got to meet. I never wanted to confront the fact that I am a domestic abuse survivor; my denial was just another mask I was wearing. I've been divorced for 13 yrs and never admitted this to myself, healing has begun; thank you, Jesus, and thank you! May God continue to bless you abundantly and may He open doors. I pray for supernatural expansion in your ministry. In Jesus name, I pray Amen.
Have a beautiful week.

"Inaugural Learning to Love Me" -M. Zamora

I recently had the pleasure of attending the event "Learning to Love Me", hosted by Michelle Poitier, Healing Women Healing Nations NEFL Founder, and it was phenomenal. The event emcee and guest speakers kept the ladies engaged and motivated as they shared testimony and triumph. The literature and council readily available for each participant created great support. My take away from this event was, as a woman of God, a wife, a mother, a sister and a friend... I must value myself as worthy of all of these titles and live each day sharing that which I have experienced, both fortune and challenge.
"Inaugural Learning to Love Me"-Cynthia Poitier

" The Learning to Love Me luncheon on Saturday was powerful! It really nailed it when it came to helping women to feel good about themselves. Women need to feel validated & loved. But it must start with ourselves! We are often our worst critic. I loved the Learning to Love Me luncheon speakers, activities, interaction and the spiritual atmosphere, it impacted lives! "
Leah Riddick, Pastor
-Author & Motivational Speaker
USN Veteran


"I am writing on behalf of the entire Springboard team to thank you for participating in the Specialty Session - Veterans panel at the 2018 Disability Matters North America event... your time, expertise and commitment to this most important work made the event a huge success!  Springboard could not have put on the event without you, and we thank you for that.  

We hope you enjoyed your time with us in Jupiter and look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Disability Matters Conference."

All my best -"

- Erickka D. Global Operations Manager

  Springboard Consulting, LLC

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