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Review of Psychology Professional Seminar presentation by Michelle Poitier on March 8, 2019:

From the start of Ms. Poitier's personal narrative regarding her experiences with mental wellbeing, students were able to take a journey deep into themselves where they could confront their own personal trials, traumas, and triumphs. The entire class was engaged, attentive and amazed by Ms. Poitier’s life story and it motivated many students to share their own personal experiences in overcoming obstacles and tragedies in a way that was inspiring and motivating to others, including myself and the other faculty present for the seminar.
As a US veteran, Ms. Poitier discussed her Navy experience climbing the Andes and how she used her faith in God to carry her through the literal and figurative mountains and valleys which is life. Having
the courage to disclose her harrowing experiences in life before the young adults in my class, Ms. Poitier 
encourages to seek help in order to develop into the full representation students to remove their masks and to truly know themselves, their strengths and weaknesses and of whom God has called them to be. It was truly a self-revelatory experience that I wish could have been shared with more students in my department and throughout the university. I hope she will be back to do a larger seminar for the College of Liberal Arts in the near future

Daniel L. Hollar, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor and Chair

Department of Behavioral and Social Science Studies
Bethune-Cookman University











Capturing Attendees Response to Public Speaking 101  2.16.19 

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Ms. Poitier is a prolific and dynamic speaker capable of engaging large audiences in thoughtful discussion. She would make a great speaker at conferences, high school assemblies, and government or business meetings.

Timothy Pfeil, Instructor, Missouri State University


"Michelle presented to our guests of Hilton Head Health..  She imparted important "pearls of wisdom" from her very own life experiences that every person can take with them.  She was both thought provoking and entertaining."

Carol Stratford, Hilton Head Health 


I have had the pleasure of hearing Michelle speak on several occasions and I can say without hesitation that her content and delivery are wonderfully and powerfully compelling. This is a woman who has lived a remarkable life, garned intense experiences and is now connecting with audiences in a meaningful way. I would encourage any and all to jump at the chance to witness Michelle in person. 

Jeff Evans, Founder, Mountain Vision


"Hearing Ms. Poitier speaking at the Unmasking Mental Health Conference 2018 touched my soul.  She presents herself as a knowledgeable and authentic speaker with a powerful message. A message based on personal experiences that have carried her through a range of obstacles that might break some; yet,  she recognized her truth and recovered.      

To quote Ms. Poitier, “
Feeling worthy enough to advocate for yourself!  Be courageous enough to get help"
Ms. Poitier is a delightful speaker with a positive message for the sexually abused, veterans, women, and wives.  -Powerful!
Ann Harris, Ocala, FL

"To say it was a pleasure to hear Michelle speak would be an understatement and would not do her justice. From her entrance to the close of her presentation I heard and identified with every word. Her presentation was filled with sadness,  hope,  transformation, healing, success and finally happiness....

Michelle truly inspired me to reach out and face my fears,  believe in myself and move forward into my future."

Thank you Michelle,  I look forward to staying in contact and sharing my journey with you.

Pam Griffiths~ Ocala, FL

"From the start, Ms. Poitier’s words are comfort food even for the most satisfied spirits. Emanating an aura of feminine grace and sisterly care, she gently embraces her audience and carries them with her on a journey through her mind and heart. As Ms. Poitier, a gifted storyteller opens the book of her past and recounts her epic odyssey, listeners feel all the pain of the viciousness and all the glory of the victories. Through Ms. Poitier’s personal narrative, listeners vicariously venture on a journey deep into themselves where they confront their own personal trials and relish in their personal triumphs. In every moment of her monologue, she speaks with a calm assuredness that imbues her audience members
with a sense of trust in her, and trust in themselves.

The uniqueness of the experience she delivers to her audience is in its honesty. Ms. Poitier strips off her mask and opens herself to her listeners in the most genuine and germane way. The audience is forced to confront a persistent dissonance: How could a woman so beautiful ever have been convinced otherwise? How could a Navy veteran, so confident and strong-willed, ever succumb to the merciless, malignant will of others? How could a woman so gruelingly tested, ever emerge so steadily faithful?

While climbing to the top of her metaphorical and literal mountain, Ms. Poitier realizes she must surrender herself to where God is leading her, to those he has placed around her, and that she must wholly open herself to receive the holistic healing God is prepared to deliver.

By baring herself emotionally and spiritually before her listeners, Ms. Poitier encourages her audience to remove their masks and reveal themselves -- to themselves and to God. After traveling with her to the bottom of the depths and back, those who experience Ms. Poitier’s words gain a personal understanding of how revealing one’s self can initiate the healing our souls seek."

 Daniel Hollar, PhD
 CEO, Daninger Solutions, Inc.

 Psychology Department Chair
 Bethune-Cookman University
 Daytona Beach, Florida

Inger Daniels, PhD
CFO, Daninger Solutions, Inc.


Missouri State University ~ PAO Conference 

Testimonials for AFTER I PRAYED...NOW WHAT? Mental Health Awareness Workshop

I truly enjoyed the workshop! The keynote speaker, along with the other speakers were excellent and informative. This has blessed my life. Mental Illness needs to be addressed. To help our community overcome this battle with mental illness~ it starts with the church.  Mental Illness Lives Matter. -  K. Telfare Daytona, FL 

Excellent source of information and great resources. -S. Hampton Jacksonville, FL


Thank you for having the conference. I enjoyed every bit of it. I hope you continue to educate and spread awareness. Thank you for being vulnerable and brave in sharing such intimate information to expose the pain so it can lead to recovery. -S.Warner , Mental Health America Vendor ~ Jacksonville, FL 



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