The Woman Within

As we strive to grow as E3preneurs, Business Owners, and Community Leaders; we must continually be open to yielding to and heed the inner unction calling to us, reminding us that change is a necessary and essential element for continual growth. Anyone on the journey of Entrepreneurship, whether you realize it or not, has committed to a lifelong journey of learning, growing and evolving.

As a part of my entrepreneurial journey I've shed another layer of 'masking'. Yes, I speak often of unveiling and unmasking in my message. I cannot do that without being able to continue to do so myself. I will not and cannot ask of others what I cannot or will not do myself.

I was challenged to confront some 'internal' triggers to continue to grow both my professional and personal brand. After taking a long, hard look at myself in the mirror I am proud and humbled to say that I not only looked at the 'internal' triggers, I challenged the thought process behind them. The internal trigger I battled with was my rationale for wearing weaves, sew-ins (which I've worn for over 20+ years). Let me make the disclaimer that I am NOT against enhancing beauty by wearing weaves,lashes, extensions, etc... By all means, do what makes you feel good. I am not judging, being critical, attempting to shame or cause you to doubt. I am merely sharing that for me it came to the point that I was no longer satisfied with the many 'looks' I'd created. I had to come to terms with "WHY".

Because for me it was more than just 'enhancing my beauty or just wanting to do something different. For me, it had become a 'mask', a level of protection. I know you are probably saying what can that possibly have to do with business. Well, if my message as a national speaker is transparency, vulnerability, authenticity; then I have to be comfortable being 'authentically' me.. unapologetically, fully embracing the skin I'm in. I cannot separate who I am from what I do; because who I am is intertwined with what I do and how I do it.As entrepreneurs, as individuals, as parents, mothers, fathers, significant others, we will encounter things that will challenge us to grow or cause us to become stagnant.

What will you do when you feel you've reached a plateau? Listen to the video clip below. I pray that you will make the decision to continue to evolve. I did. I am Evolving... as a Leader, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Influencer, Woman, Friend and Christian. I pray this causes you to reflect on some of the untouched areas that our IDF, Mr. A M Butler Sr mentioned in one of the previous Call of Eagles. It may not be as personal as mine. I shared this because it affected the way I was doing 'life'... personal, professional and otherwise. I am freer, lighter, more determined and more focused than ever on 'Fulfilling My Dreams in 2018". I am more focused than ever on being PRESENT in all aspects of life.


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